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Brown Bag Talk: Aligning incentives with institutional values

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Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss key issues underlying the current incentive systems for research evaluation, summarize existing data on the relation between key indicators of research quality and traditional metrics, and highlight some of the challenges with reputation-based systems. I argue that real reform in research evaluation requires a fundamental rethinking of how we conceptualize research productivity, moving away from traditional incentive structures that heavily weigh quantity and toward a model in which the incentives align with our institutional and scientific values. I suggest that these reforms must be designed in a way to incentivize researchers to engage in pro-social behaviors.
Bio: Dr. Dougherty received his PhD in 1999 from the University of Oklahoma and his BS from Kansas State University in 1993. Dr. Dougherty has received numerous research awards, including the Hillel Einhorn Early Investigator Award from the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, and the early investigator CAREER award from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Dougherty was appointed chair of the Department of Psychology in 2017.

Join us in the lab or on Zoom (register here).