University of Maryland

Participatory Design Techniques / Design Thinking

Workshop: Design Techniques

Thursday, May 24, 2018

A workshop presented during the Human-Computer Interaction Lab 35th Annual Symposium.

University of Maryland


After engaging in a few introductory design thinking and participatory design activities, workshop participants will collaborate with subject matter experts to help them tackle some of their strategic challenges in four topic areas:

  • Community Outreach and Education
  • Consulting and Business Project Management
  • Sustainability/Environmental Science (and Community Food Security)
  • Real Estate

Participants will learn the design thinking process through co-designing new technologies and innovations to address challenges and opportunities. Participants can come to the workshop with a specific topic area that they’d like to help with. Alternatively, they can select a topic area to work on after reviewing the possibilities with our guest experts.


1:00-1:15 Overview
1:15-1:35 Quick Intros of everyone (participants)
1:35-2:00 Introductions Design Opportunity Areas and Content Experts

  • Community Outreach / Youth / Education (Mike Dickson)
  • Sustainability and Food Security (Andy Fellows)
  • Real Estate / Marketing (Valencia Lawrence)
  • Industry Project Management / Consulting (Kevin Stephen)
2:00-2:45  Brainstorming and Scoping the Problem
2:45-3:00  Workshop break
3:00-4:00  Ideation & Iteration Techniques
4:00-4:30  Presentations / Sharing back the designs
4:30-4:45  Wrap Up / Next Steps for Partnering


Tammy Clegg, Elizabeth (Beth) BonsignoreEvan Golub