University of Maryland

PhD Alumni


Elizabeth M. Bonsignore
Advisor: Allison Druin
Dissertation: Playing for Real: Designing Alternate Reality Games in Learning Contexts

Irene Eleta
Advisor: Jennifer Golbeck
Dissertation: Multilingual Use of Twitter: Language choice and language bridges in a social network

Elizabeth Foss
Advisor: Allison Druin
Dissertation: Internet Searching in Children and Adolescents: A longitudinal framework of youth search roles

Megan Monroe
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman and Catherine Plaisant
Dissertation: Interactive Event Sequence Query and Transformation

Alex J. Quinn
Advisor: Ben Bederson
Dissertation: Crowdsourcing Decision Support: Frugal Human Computation for Efficient Decision Input Acquisition

Jason C. Yip
Advisor: Allison Druin
Dissertation: The Evolution of Science Ownership in Learners Engaged in Design and Technology Usage


Cody Dunne
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Measuring and improving the readability of network visualizations

John A. Guerra Gomez
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Exploring Differences in Multivariate Datasets Using Hierarchies: An interactive information visualization approach

Sureyya Tarkan
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Interactive Visual Displays for Results Management in Complex Medical Workflows


Nick Chen
Advisor: Francois Guimbretiere

Chang Hu
Advisor: Benjamin B. Bederson and Philip Resnik
Dissertation: Crowdsourced Monolingual Translation

Benjamin K. Smith
Advisor: Kent Norman

Greg Walsh
Advisor: Allison Druin
Dissertation: Enabling Geographically Distributed, Intergenerational, Co-operative Design

Krist Wongsuphasawat
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Interactive Exploration of Temporal Event Sequences


Susan Campbell
Advisor: Kent Norman
Dissertation: Users’ Spatial Abilities Affect Interface Usability Outcomes


Mona Leigh Guha
Advisor: Allison Druin
Dissertation: Understanding the Social and Cognitive Experiences of Children Involved in Technology Design Processes

Taowei D. Wang
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Interactive Visualization Techniques for Searching Temporal Categorical Data


Jerry A. Fails
Advisor: Allison Druin
Dissertation: Mobile Collaboration for Young Children

Chunyuan Liao
Advisor: François Guimbretière
Dissertation: PapierCraft: A Paper-based Interface to Support Interaction with Digital Documents

Philip Wu
Advisor: Jenny Preece & Yan Qu
Dissertation: User Acceptance of Community Emergency Alert Technology: Motivations and Barriers


Aleks Aris
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Visualizing & Exploring Networks using Semantic Substrates

Adam Perer
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Integrating Statistics and Visualization to Improve Exploratory Social Network Analysis

A. Walkyria Rivadeneira
Advisor: Kent L. Norman
Dissertation: Tag Clouds: How Format And Categorical Structure Affect Categorization Judgment


Leslie E. Chipman
Advisor: Allison Druin
Dissertation: Collaborative Technology for Young Children’s Outdoor Education

Amy K. Karlson
Advisor: Ben Bederson
Dissertation: Interface and Interaction Design for One-Handed Mobile Computing


Hilary B. Hutchinson
Advisor: Ben Bederson
Dissertation: Children’s Interface Design for Searching and Browsing

Bill Kules
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Categorical Search Result Visualization

Bongshin Lee
Advisor: Ben Bederson
Dissertation: Interactive Visualizations for Trees and Graphs

Haixia Zhao
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Co-advisor: Catherine Plaisant
Dissertation: Interactive Sonification of Abstract Data – Framework, Design Space, Evaluation, and User Tool


Jinwook Seo
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Information Visualization Design for Multidimensional Data: Integrating the Rank-By-Feature Framework with Hierarchical Clustering

Bongwon Suh
Advisor: Ben Bederson
Dissertation: Image Management Using Pattern Recognition


Lance E. Good
Advisor: Ben Bederson
Dissertation: Zoomable User Interfaces for the Authoring and Delivery of Slide Presentations

Harry Hochheiser
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Interactive Graphical Querying of Time Series and Linear Sequence Data Sets

Juan P. Hourcade
Advisor: Ben Bederson
Dissertation: User Interface Technologies and Guidelines to Support Children’s Creativity, Collaboration, and Learning

Hyunmo Kang
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Managing and Exploring Personal Media Using Semantic Regions: A Spatial Interface Supporting User-Defined Mental Models

Jaime Montemayor
Advisor: Allison Druin
Dissertation: Physical Programming: Tools for Kindergarten Children to Author Physical Interactive Environments


Laura Slaughter
Advisor: Dagobert Soergel and Marilyn Domas White
Dissertation: Semantic Relationships in Health Consumer Questions and Physicians Answers: A Basis for Representing Medical Knowledge for Concept Exploration Interfaces


Angela Boltman
Advisor: Allison Druin
Dissertation: Children’s Storytelling Technologies: Differences in Elaboration and Recall

Egemen Tanin
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Browsing Large Online Data Using Generalized Query Previews


Elizabeth D. Murphy
Advisor: Kent Norman
Dissertation: Cognitive Issues in Autonomous Spacecraft-Control Operations: An Investigation of Software-Mediated Decision Making in a Scaled Environment

Chris North
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: A User Interface for Coordinating Visualizations based on Relational Schemata: Snap-Together Visualization


Richard Potter
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Pixel Data Access for End-User Programming and Graphical Macros

Zhijun Zhang
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Perspective-based Usability Inspection: An Empirical Validation of Efficacy


Diane L. Alonso
Advisor: Kent Norman
Dissertation: The Effects of Individual Differences in Spatial Visualization Ability on Dual-Task Performance

Eser Kandogan
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Hierarchical Multi-Window Management with Elastic Layout Dynamics


David Carr
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: A Compact Graphical Representation of User Interface Interaction Objects


Brian Johnson
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Treemaps: Visualizing Hierarchical and Categorical Data

Andrew Sears
Advisor: Ben Shneiderman
Dissertation: Layout Appropriateness: Guiding User Interface Design with Simple Task Descriptions


Leslie E. Carter
Advisor: Kent Norman
Dissertation: The Effects of Spatial Information Presentation on Human Decision-Making with a Hypertext Database


John P. Chin
Advisor: Kent Norman
Dissertation: Fixed and Dynamic Menu Systems: A Script-Based Approach to Categorization