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Catherine Plaisant Honored with IEEE VGTC Visualization Career Award

October 27th, 2020

Catherine Plaisant, Associate Director of Research of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab and a senior research scientist in the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS), has been recognized by IEEE VGTC with the Visualization Career Award.

The award was presented on October 27th, 2020 at the VIS 2020 conference, during the virtual opening session.


As the awardee of the Career Award, Catherine was also inducted in the Visualization Academy.

In the list of inductees we are also very proud to see Bongshin Lee now Sr. Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research. Bongshin did her PhD student at the HCIL under Ben Bederson’s supervision. She worked with Catherine on several important projects (such as Treeplus or Netlens), and other papers after she graduated in 2006.

Also included in the inductees is Jean-Daniel Fekete from INRIA, who received the prestigious Technical Achievement Award at the VIS conference. Jean-Daniel visited the HCIL during his first sabbatical and we think of him as an HCIL alumni. A close friend of lab he was also the postdoc advisor of HCIL’s Director Niklas Elmqvist.

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