University of Maryland

TUTORIAL: Visual Design for Interaction Bootcamp 2018

TUTORIAL: Visual Design for Interaction Bootcamp

Thursday, May 24, 2018

A tutorial presented during the Human-Computer Interaction Lab 35th Annual Symposium

University of Maryland


This workshop will explore principles and techniques related to using visual design for digital interfaces and interactions. We will explore why strong visual design can help digital products succeed (or fail!) and cover some basic principles and tenants of visual design that you can put to use in your own products and projects.

The workshop will engage participants in some simple design making exercises, and will allow everyone to practice some of the techniques covered. These exercises can be on paper OR done digitally, so bring your laptop or tablet with you if you’d like. We will also explore some great online resources you can use to help you elevate the visual aspects of your designs.


This workshop is intended for anyone interested in learning more about the visual design of digital interfaces and products, although the organizer assumes no real prior knowledge. However, some more advanced principles and techniques can be covered if requested.


Liese Zahabi (, Assistant Professor of Interaction/Graphic Design

Agenda (subject to change)

01: Why visuals & aesthetics matter
02: The principles of design (Gestalt/Repetition/Rhythm/Balance/Scale/Hierarchy/Framing)
03: Working with images
04: Working with color
05: Working with typography
06: Visual organization & layout
07: Form follows content/form follows function
08: Bringing it all together

Breaks will be included between topics/tasks.