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HCIL publishes “Sparks of Innovation – Stories from the HCIL”, a blog post collection on Medium

The HCIL at University of Maryland has a long and rich history of transforming the experience people have with new technologies. One way we do this is in communicating our research to the rest of the world. Now we are taking another step by introducing “Sparks of Innovation: Stories from the HCIL”, a Medium publication for sharing our…

Vistrates: A versatile tool for data analytics

Vistrates is a platform for a wide range of analytical activities from visual exploration to presentation. Each document in Vistrates (a vistrate) combines many analytical components into a flexible user interface based on the sensemaking activity and target users—in contrast to existing tools that are built for specialized activities and users. A vistrate is also…

Document Reading with Visual Aids

Work done in collaboration between University of Maryland and Adobe Research introduces the concept of an “elastic” form a document that adapts its view based on content, the reader’s goals, and the reading device. Our user evaluations have shown the power of the elastic documents approach in summarization and comprehension of data-rich documents that contain…

When David Meets Goliath: Using smartwatches and large displays together for data analysis

By Karthik Badam, Tom Horak, Niklas Elmqvist, and Raimund Dachselt Large touchscreens are common in meeting rooms and collaborative spaces in many modern offices. When analyzing data, they help groups of analysts to work together; for instance, to track the bottlenecks in a city’s traffic and plan detours in real time (e.g., CATT lab at…

Actions may Speak Louder, but Words Provide Context: Visualizing Multimodal Data to Understand Collaboration

VizScribe, a visual analytics framework, can be used by researchers to understand collaboration by interactively exploring speech and video information along with other forms of data.

Taking a Magnifying Glass to Text

A new tool called TopicLens allows the user to move through of large volumes of text while controlling the level of detail for each theme.

Bridging Physical and Digital Worlds: When Your Body Is Your Tool, Data Becomes Accessible

New interaction models developed at University of Maryland and University of Manitoba utilize body and hand movement to perform data analysis on large wall-sized displays. 

Two iSchool-Authored Twitter Studies Analyze Social Media’s Potential for Enabling Social Support Following Tragedies

In two new studies, iSchool researchers explore social media’s role in expressions of grief and responses to tragedies.

Needle, Meet Haystack: Helping Moderators Strike Gold in Online Comments

CommentIQ, a new tool developed at the University of Maryland, combines interactive visuals and machine learning to automatically rate reader-submitted comments on editorial metrics such as readability, relevance, sentiment, profanity, and authority. CommentIQ has been deployed at the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the Baltimore Sun.

Back to the Future: Exploring Multiple Futures in the Stock Market

A new tool called TimeFork uses interactive graphics and state-of-the-art statistical models to allow traders to investigate multiple parallel universes for predicting the stock market.